The situation can be very maddening when you want to uninstall a Norton product that is causing troubles to other applications with the help of Norton remove and reinstall tool. But what you suddenly notice is that the tool is not working! In such a scenario your anger will be at peak. But cool it down and read this blog. Here you will get to know about the causes of this problem and also the suitable solution. You can contact Norton customer support for acquiring assistance from technicians. Or the other way, you can try the mentioned troubleshooting.

Before you start performing the fixture, it is crucial to determine the appropriate causes behind the trouble. Because when you know the real culprits then the only solution is possible. Have a look at the obvious reasons –

  • The tool might not be compatible with the device operating system
  • The installation of the tool was not done in a proper way
  • There can be some virus or malware presence in the device
  • Other programs or software can be conflicting with the tool

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Solution: Norton remove and reinstall tool not working

  1. Check your internet connection –Your tool would not be working due to an improper internet connection, so check with your router and make it adequate.
  2. Disable the firewall installed on your device :- Sometimes a firewall or antivirus software can be clashing with your tool and that is the main reason for it not working.
  3. Clean up your system of unwanted files:- Delete any unnecessary and temporary files from the device which are accumulating space. They can also be making the tool troubled in working.
  4. Update device drivers: Most of the issues can be fixed by updating the device drivers. In this way, you will be able to run the tool properly.
  5. Reinstall the tool:-If you are fed up of every sort of fixture then you are advised to uninstall and then reinstall the tool once again on the device.

In case of more detailed fixture then you can contact Norton customer support so that the technical professionals will guide you in right way.

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